The Problem with Wearables

The Problem with Wearables

The problem with wearables is you actually have to wear them. With so many new wearable concepts popping up it is becoming difficult to imagine how they can all get used. The basic idea behind the wearables is that they will either act as a sensor, provide feedback, or in more sophisticated versions some form of mobile computing.

But wearables face a number of challenges. To be useful they…

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Internet of Things —- Digital Assets are all around you

Leveraging technological innovation is a challenge for most local municipalities…most struggle with meeting the basic needs of their communities. While new technology may hold promise, Municipalities funds and experience in how to take advantage of the…

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They are not real…they are 3D Renderings

(via 17 Amazing Renders That You’ll Swear Are Photographs)

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This Is the Most Detailed Image of the Universe Ever Captured

NASA has just published the most detailed view of the Universe ever taken. It’s called the Extreme Deep Field—or XDF for short. It took ten years of Hubble Space Telescope photographs to make it and it shows some the oldest galaxies ever observed by humans, going 13.2 billion years back in time.

It’s a mindblowing, extremely humbling view. Not only for what it shows, but for what it doesn’t show. While this image contains about 5,500 galaxies, it only displays a tiny part of the sky, a ridiculously small slice of the Universe. As you can see in the image below (make sure to expand it to see it complete), the photo only focus on a small area of the constellation Fornax.


This illustration compares the angular size of the XDF field to the angular size of the full moon. A finger held at arm’s length would appear to be about twice the width of the moon in this image.


This graphic shows (click to expand) the foreground (galaxies less than 5 billion light years away from us), background (between 5 and 9 billion years ago) and very far background galaxies (more than 9 billion years), which are “one ten-billionth the brightness of what the human eye can see.

Click Here to download the full image (13mb TIFF image)

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This astounding video just took projection-mapping to the next level

(via This astounding video just took projection-mapping to the next level)

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